Carnymas, our company

A well established and organized family company since 2001, with strong ties around the world. Proud to be a reference operator in the international food trade, our connection with the meat industry and other fields in the region has spanned for more than half a century. Our main objective in every market where we operate is to establish strong and lasting business relationships to achieve a reliable and constant line of work.

Partners of the “Novillo Real” family, we are proud and happy to have witnessed it’s birth, develop and continue to follow the growth of this, today well known and recognized brand, in all the major international markets.


As a way to improve and facilitate our services, Carnymas counts with strategic associations acting for leading international companies from Europe, Canary Islands and North America.


Proud to be a part of DON PEDRO

Main Markets

At Carnymas we work together with our customers, advising and participating in various business for major international markets such as UE, Canada, USA, Canary Islands, China and Russia.